Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is danish but lived most of his life in Iceland (#3 on my to-do-list section trip). Since my first encounter with his work in 2003 I've been fascinated by his world. How he balanced the natural world through the filter of new technologies and how he manages to deep us into science fiction dimensions. He makes our five senses play with the natural elements and use them as real ingredients. Smoke, light, wind and other intangible elements are used as material features of his sculptures and installations.
Lava floor - 2002
In 2002, The Musee d'art moderne de la ville de Paris featured an exhibtion entitled "Chaque matin je me sens différent. Chaque soir je me sens le même" (Each morning I feel different. Each evening I feel the same) Eliasson's work inside the exhibition was an installation on the floor of lavaro rock. Visitors were invited to walk across the uneven surface to reach the galleries as it was disposed on the lobby.” Bringing nature in museums and physically engage visitors are key points in his work,

The weather project - 2003
It was my first visit at the Tate modern in London. I arrived in a big hall where a mirror was disposed on the ceiling. My first impression was that I was in Totall Recall(the movie)on Mars waiting for Doug Quaid to free oxygene in the galleries. Maybe because I've always been considered as an alien, I've really enjoyed walking around this installation like I was in my element. The haze created by a fair smoke (Smoke = a poetic ingredient see there)gives an kind of irreality or superreality ( I use these concepts thanks to a text I red in my actual course The Experience Economy: the experience of the experience). I remembered I make my (reluctant) dad lying on the floor ,like number of visitors, and forced him to take the time to travel between the slices of sun the mirror was displaying all around. Walking into space (so usual for me I do it every night), in weightlessness in another dimension.

Sonne statt Regen - 2003
In this piece, Eliasson chose to display spectrum colors along a curved room where visitors could walk along. I've never seen this work but I like the fact that he did a reference in the title to Joseph Beus performance lyrics.

Music Wall - 2006

Beauty - 1993
Beauty was presented first in 1993, and consisted in garden hoses punctured by holes from where water run off. Theses garden hoses are enlighted with flashing rhythmical lights
He reproduced this work for La Biennale di architectura this year and I had the chance to know it. It is totally amazing. You are deepen into a big dark and silent room where people are struggling to take a picture of the work. The hoses seem like weird snakes possessed by some king of spirit. The water that run off divide itself into mountain of diamonds disappearing almost instantly in the darkness of the hall.

Your split second house - 2010


Niniiiii said...

"You are deepen into a big dark and silent room where people are struggling to take a picture of the work" Soo sad but soo true!

I just loved his work: it is a sort of light sculpture!!! A beauty...

Anonymous said...

Olafur eliasson !!